Blossom Foods International Offers

Smart & Secure Financial Freedom

A simple and straight-forward path to own a car, a luxury home and have enough funds to meet your daily shopping needs with ease and peace of mind

Blossom Foods International

Blossom Foods is a food distribution company that offers people the opportunity to take care of their daily food and other spending needs from secured residual earnings from the company.

By simply promoting the company and its services you can earn money to become financially independent and able to take care of your financial needs with ease.

Our product lines covers a variety of food categories and other valuable items that are needed by virtually everyone. We are a global brand with partnership with other local and international vendors to serve our customers across the world.

Why Choose Blossom Foods

Blossom Foods helps you live your life with ease and get what you need fully paid for so that you can focus on what matters to you

Secured Transactions

All your transactions are secured by several layers of security and encryptions to keep you safe all the time

Virtual Wallet

All your earnings are paid directly into your wallet and you can control how you spend your funds

Global Currency

You transact and earn in global currency to enable you spend and withdraw your funds across the world

Multiple Earning Options

You earn from several streams at the same concurrently and you can withdraw your funds any time you want

Transaction Records

Your dashboard keeps track of all transactions in your account and gives you clear insights into every detail about your funds

Lock funds for Future

You can lock your funds for withdrawal in the future or any time you want it. You have full control of your wallet funds

How it works

Blossom Foods a simple system and a path that takes you from a starter to top leadership positions in the company

Register and activate your account

Contact the company sales department or any registered member to get a registration PIN required to complete your registration

Create your team to expand your earning capacity

All you need to attain your first leadership position is to refer at least Six (6) persons into your team and get each of them to do the same

Earn Food and cash at every stage

Every leaderhip position you attain gives you access to new set of earnings that includes shopping funds, cash and other incentives


Your earnings are paid to your wallet

Pairing bonuses are paid into your wallets and you can place a withdrawal anytime and get the funds in your local bank account.

Food bonuses are paid as shopping vouchers and you use then to order food items from the company.

Incentives are offered in form of travel opportunities, cars or a luxury home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to get started

Who can join Blossom Foods?

Membership is open to everyone and there's no age restriction. All you need is a determination to success and create better life for yourself and your family

How much does it cost to join Blossom Foods?

It cost a one-time registration fee of USD 126.00.

How can I get registration PIN?

Pay USD 126.00 or equivalent to the company account or contact a registered member of Blossom Foods

Can I register multiple accounts?

Yes. You can register multiple accounts to create more streams of earnings

How can I withdraw my earnings?

When you place withrawal, your order is processed and delivered to the local bank account you provided

Do you charge monthly or annual fees?

No. We do not charge any other fee after your initial registration